James here, giving his two cents on the wonderful world of Rabbit Hole Studios. It’s been a very interesting year overall, and one of the many things that happened was joining Team Rabbit and writing for the exciting properties Scott has been developing for a great many years. It’s been really fun working with the folks at the Burrow on this property and crafting an epic tale that will explore deeply rich characters and environments with twists and turns you’ll have to read and find out. Yet, I still don’t really know how a blog works. I figure mumbling about various things happening in my life and writing for Rabbit Hole will suffice. As Scott mentioned earlier, twenty issues may not be enough to tell this story, but it will be a journey worth taking, and I’m definitely not just trying to sell you on it either. All loyal workers of the Burrow should faithfully advertise their products (please help me, he can’t see me writing this, S.O.S). This has been a relatively new experience for me, and doing something that can apply the skills I have learned over the years to express myself as a creator and make something awesome, is well, awesome! Isn’t it funny, I will reflect on this first blog in ten years or so, if I’m not living in a cardboard box that is, and say this has been the cool period of my life. Any young creator growing up thinks they did great work, I know I did all sorts of little Youtube movies and shorts growing up and they are definitely not good, please don’t try to find them, I won’t help. It’s finally quite fulfilling being somewhere creatively that I can confidently say I feel good about it, and this isn’t fourteen year old me saying this either. When I was busy making zombie “movies,” when in hindsight my voice had certainly not lowered in pitch enough to sound menacing in the slightest. I felt like Spielberg and Tarantino, but I can confirm I was not either of those. Why am I talking about knock-off Romero inspired fan films? It’s because that same childhood wonder never leaves any creator, unless beaten out of them by any reasonable person showing you the likelihood of success is astronomical. Today however, I am contributing to a blog post partly about a comic I wrote, and I can’t help but feel childhood wonderment. As somebody who has been an avid reader of comics of all kinds for a long time I can tell you Covid 2020 has been a sucky year, but at least comics are still arriving at our doors. The current global situation has been wreaking havoc on all industries, not just the comic one. For example, did anyone else really want to see Godzilla kick the s$%* out of King Kong?? Because I did and will be eternally disappointed I didn’t see it sooner. Besides the world’s smallest violin playing for my loss of this future piece of art, it has been a genuinely tough year for many, and hopefully what the amazing creative team behind this project can do is deliver a story that takes readers away from it all, if not only for a moment. We (Scott and myself, or my Smeagal alter-ego? It’s a really confusing time) look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Lost Gardens as it begins to hit shelves near you! Until next time, stay safe and keep reading! I know that’s my plan this holiday season, along with a little help from the Beefeaters! -James Babineau