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About the Game

Introducing our Latest Game, The Lost Gardens

There was a time when humans and nature lived in harmony…

Green grass, trees full of colour, clear water and a bright sun beating down on earth.

Everything was full of peace. Until one day… That all changed.

Fear entered the hearts of the people. The earth fell into mayhem. Cities destroyed, towns ripped apart, nature lost all colour, abominations roamed the world. The automatons created to assist with everyday tasks were left to rust away. Everything was lost. The world was a wasteland.

The earth needed a hero.

That’s why you were awoken…

Enter into The Lost Gardens, an action adventure game created by Rabbit Hole Studios where the end goal is to save the world from fear. The game contains puzzles, adventure and lots more! Come join The Caretaker and companion as they explore the wasteland of what used to be earth in attempt to regain what once was before fear reigned.

What is Rabbit Hole Studios?

Rabbit Hole Studios is a start up video game studio based out of Charlottetown, PEI. Right now we are working on our third title called The Lost Gardens. The Lost Gardens is an action adventure game where the end goal is to reclaim the world from fear and darkness. Our team consists of a lead artist, a concept artist, an animator, a programmer, a music composer, a marketer and a marketing lead! However, Rabbit Hole didn’t start with this many people. In the beginning during the development of our first game Spirit of Adventure the team only consisted of one programmer and one artist.

One of the main goals of Rabbit Hole Studios (other than creating games of course!) is to close the gap between game studios and the gaming community. We are going about this by opening the development process up via weekly live streams on our Facebook page.

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